Feb 112013

Welcome  (again) to the Studio Despotamus website and blog, the personal brand and portfolio website of Joel Gaylard. I hope you like what you find.

So what’s been happening in the studio of late is still good. I’m churning out zines like nobodies business. Reached a total of 9 in the past few month, which is much better than my previous score of tangible projects of ZERO. I’ve also been attempting to enter more open submission art shows, zines, magazines and basically anything that peeks my interest.

As you would have read in my previous blog post I’ve featured in to small art shows, one Pokémon themed the other bar coaster art. Nothing huge, but these are the little things that make life interesting. You may want to know that I actually one a prize for one of them … it was a packet of pencils, but since the last thing I won was a colouring competition at age nine, it’s kind of nice to see that given the right circumstance people could actually like my art!

What is despotamus up to?

  • At the moment Despotamus is all about zines, we are just going crazy for them. I really enjoy making the and although sometimes putting them together can be a bore of epicness of complete frustration, it’s something I really enjoy. Please visit the store to BUY ZINES (there’s a good lad/ladette). While we are taking about zines have a gander at want has been produced so far …

Check the Despotamus schedule for what’s currently in stock at the Sticky Institute melbourne. Which at the moment is quite a bit.

Well now that I’m feeling a little more accomplished I’m going to start trying to get more and more Inky Apple pages to exist again, although this has been made difficult by the appearance of a new and mentally demanding job, I’m still feeling good about my creative aspirations.

I’m also thinking about attempting another fiction comic endeavour, maybe not something as ambitious and ambiguous as the failed and comatose “Maybe Rose” but something to at least flex my story telling muscles beyond the auto-biographical pond I find myself mulling around in. Something slice of life most likely. It’s still all pretty up in the air so to speak but, you know at leasts it’s on the cards.

I also want to get back into doing independent, like posters, greeting cards … you know ART for arts sake. I’ve been doing a lot better at it recently and it’s probably time to try and drill for oil, so to speak.

Have you visited the Despotamus shops recently? You should we’ve got some nice little handmade high quality trinkets and alike just waiting to be snapped up.

The biggest draw card for the shop at the moment is a barrage of Zines, seriously, ZINES! Zines! … ZINES! ……… ZINESSSS!!

Despotamus’s @ In.Cube8r:
Not Currently Showcasing.

Despotamus’s @ Sticky Institute:


This one (below)  I’m keeping the old news up a little while longer:

I’ve recently added a widget to the side of my website for “Friends of Despotamus” right now I have pretty buttons I made to two storenvy stores of close friends of mine. They are both really new though and could use some support (hint hint). I’m definitely going to be singing their praises often and loudly.

Oh! And just so you know:

Smitten Kitten, run by my lovely friend Samantha sells quality handmade pet supplies, she specialises in making extremely fashionable pet collars. I’ve already pre-ordered one for me cat. She’ll look smashing. She’s only just started so give her some time to stock up. (LINK)

The Pepper Pomegranate and the Viper, sells a lot of kind of strange items, my friend who runs it calls it a “witchy twist”. They also sell things like wicked smelling candles, teas, talismans and that kind of paraphernalia. Some new interesting stock has just been put up here’s a LINK dudes.

Oh and I really need to mention that after completion of Chapter 0 of my webcomic Maybe Rose it has become painfully apparent that I am not cut out for on-going long winded webcomic series work. I love on-going series, but my brain explodes with heaps of ideas constantly and I’ve come to learn I need to get those ideas out before they go stale and I loose interest, so it looks like it’s Graphic Novella and short story style comics for me from here on out. It’s both sad and happy. I’m going to leave the Maybe Rose sub domain where it is. Incase people want to have a gander. I’m hoping this realisation will make me a better more productive artist, plus I draw a higher quality kind of art when I’m not under pressure to drag out something I’ve lost interest in.

So in short the comic is on extended to permanent hiatus, I’m not saying I’ll never pick it up again, but I’m definitely not making any promises. MOVING ON SWIFTLY …

I want to be in art shows! Are you doing a charity submission based art show, TELL ME, is you friend doing one, TELL ME! … *ahem* TELL ME!

I’m also, interested in collaborations, like zines or group art projects, this may surprise you due to the obviously huge group of people who flood this website constantly, but I don’t have many arty friends or contacts. I just have never had time before, I’d really like some. So give me a shout out if your involved in some kind of project or arty event I want in.

Otherwise my upcoming projects at the moment are comics, comics, comics (there’s a lot of repetitiveness in this blog post) and of course I’m going to try and add some more stuff to my Society 6 … which by the way you should check out there are still some super nice, decently priced pieces up on there.

I’ve been playing  Ni No Kuni: the Wraith of the White Witch and I got to say I like it. I really do, but it’s not as fantastic as I was hoping, the Studio Ghibli hand animated cutscenes are of course a triumph and a massive draw card to this game. The game is executed extremely well and it most of the time pretty amusing, however it is not perfect, although I understand the reason for cel shaded character models, it’s not my favourite style and it needs to be done very well (a lá Zelda: the Wind Waker), somehow up against the highly polished presentation of the rest of the came the simplified character can look out of place and just unpleasant. You get used to it pretty quick though.

The gameplay is great, refined and easy to understand, again not perfect though plus some elements are pretty stock and standard (monster battling for one) so it’s a good game, a very good game but just a wizard’s wand length from being GREAT.

Really it’s a fantastic game but, it I had to pretend I was a hard lipped critic, I’d go with 3.5 out of 5 only for the occasionally unoriginal gameplay and, between you and me over acted voices will either become charming to me eventually or cause me to rampage in downtown Tokyo.

Otherwise I’ve been watching an unhealthy amount of Naruto (I’ve never seen it before) and pining longingly for a release date for Animal Crossing: NEW LEAF, yeah, me and three quarters of the world. I can’t stop thinking about it. It actually scares me how much i’m considering the tiny things for my as yet non-exsistent virtual town, considering that there is a mountain of things that need doing in the real world.

Still, I pine for the Australian release of the Tom Nooky goodness!

This section of the blog is still under construction. Watch this space.